It’s Monday Again! – What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday Again! – What Are You Reading?

 Wow!!!!  It’s been kind of an emotional reading week.  I picked two books that took me longer than some of the other to tackle, but they were ones that were difficult to put down as I became so invested in the characters. 


 The first book that I read was “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green.  My 15-year old daughter recommended it to me and said that it is her second favorite book.  (Her favorite book is “Looking for Alaska” also by John Green, but I haven’t got to that one next.  I am planning on reading it sometime this summer though.)  Hazel is an inspiring young woman battling cancer, and it really slows her down in life.  Although her life expectancy is short, she is a witty teen that continually keeps moving along despite her terminal diagnosis.  This is a book that I would definitely recommend to others.


 Next I read “One Crazy Summer” by Rita Williams-Garcia.  Although it wasn’t nearly as emotional as my first read this week, it was again a good read.  Many of the books that I have encountered this summer are definitely centered on the courage of young adults to overcome difficult circumstances in their lives.  Obviously this theme addresses some of the difficulties that teens have transitioning to adult.  The difficulty is definitely amplified when living with struggles within the family structure.  This book is also a good one for students to see diversity during a time of racial struggles in our country.


My final and favorite adolescent book this week was Chris Crutcher’s “Deadline.”  In the beginning of the story, I was wondering if I would really like the book.  It took me longer to get into it than others I have read.  However, I liked the overall premise of the book, so I marched on.  After a while I became very invested in the characters and what the outcome of the situation would affect each and every one of them.  It was an inspirational story that I promptly recommended to my daughter to read before I have to return it to the library.  I’m not going to give details of this story today, as I would like to challenge others to read it for themselves.  The only hint of the story line is this…..




Finally, I thought that I would share a children’s story with you that I read this week.  You see I am four and half hours away from my family for the entire month of June completing my library internship.  I had planned on interning at our local library, but the mean librarian (and I am serious…. Long story) backed out after I started completing my hours.  While working in my new location this week, a person that heard my truly unbelievable story of how I arrived here recommended that I read the book, “The Library Dragon.”  I promptly put the book on hold and checked it out the next morning.  It is a cute story that really hits on the importance of children having access to books.  Please “check it out” if you have time.

Happy reading for the remainder of this week!!!!!!  I am still LOVING the relaxation of curling up with a book for hours every night before bed.  Maybe I should continue to enroll in my adolescent literature class every semester just for an excuse to hide from the world every day.


One thought on “It’s Monday Again! – What Are You Reading?

  1. There is a sequel to One Crazy Summer, P.S. Be Eleven, that I’ve been meaning to read all year! Maybe this summer… Of course, my to-read stack just gets bigger and bigger–it’s basically overflowing an entire book shelf at this point. I did like One Crazy Summer, though not as much as it seemed like everyone else did. You’ve come up with a great book talking hook for Deadline! Chris Crutcher’s books usually don’t entirely work for me. I admire his writing and I admire all he does to promote YA lit and to help teens (he was a therapist for many years and wrote a terrific column for the journal, Voices from the Middle), but his books often feel overstuffed with problems, to the point where it seems unrealistic to me. But he’s an important author, and I’m glad you read Deadline (which I liked fairly well). Mean librarians should be against the law!

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