It’s Memorial Day Monday!!!!

It’s Monday! – Memorial Day

Wow!  How time flies when I am reading…  I literally lose track of it.  After finding a quiet place to snuggle down, I sometimes look up and can’t believe how long I have been reading.  This week was no exception.  I set a goal for myself to read for at least 2 hours a day.  To make sure to hold myself accountable to this, I made a checklist to write what hours I read each day.  I was so excited this morning when I added up my reading time for last week and realized that not only had I met my goal, but I had exceeded it!  Last week I read books for a total of 16 hours.  I have no idea the last time that happened.  Since going back to college, my free reading time has been limited.  Reading this much again is so much fun!!!!!

 As I reflect on the meaning of today, I take note of the fact that one of the books I read this week was “Bomb.”  That seems quite fitting as we take time today as Americans to remember those that have and continue to fight for the freedoms that we hold so dear to us.  It was amazing to read first-hand accounts of men and women that were such an integral part of designing weapons of war.  Seeing how they reacted to and questioned the power of such tools really makes one reflect on the chaos of the world in which we live.

 Reading gives us all an opportunity to continually stay on top of what is happening not only in America but globally as well.  Sometimes I think that we take for granted the blessing that our freedoms bring to us.  They completely allow us all to live the way that we choose.  We can read what inspires us.  Each day we have the freedom to stay the course or to take a new path in life.

I hope that we all continue to embrace and be thankful for the opportunities that we have been blessed with due to the sacrifices of others.  Today… I hope that we all choose to continue to educate ourselves in a way that would make us all proud.

 God bless the USA!!!!



2 thoughts on “It’s Memorial Day Monday!!!!

    • You are definitely correct. I really wondered if challenging myself to read for 2 hours a day was realistic. However, I frequently find that I don’t want to put the book down after 2 hours. Since I am interning full-time during the week, I force myself to put it down on days that I have to get up early. However, since I have tomorrow off, I stayed up and just finished reading “One Crazy Summer,” which put me way past my goal for today.

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