It’s Monday!!!!! Here’s what I’m reading…

It’s Monday! – What Are You Reading?

 It’s Monday!  I can’t believe how quickly the weekend flew by.  Today I am reading “The Mighty Miss Malone.”  I am about one-third of the way into the book and truly enjoying it so far.  Deza Malone (the main character) is an extremely bright young girl growing up during the Great Depression.  She is fortunate to have a teacher that recognizes her talents and encourages her to keep working hard.  I am looking forward to this evening when I can immerse myself into the continuing story.

 Over the weekend, I read two other books.  The first was called, “Wonder.”  This book has now rocketed up to one of my all-time favorites!!!!  It is a heartwarming story that discusses the trials and tribulations of a fifth grade boy trying to fit in when entering school for the first time.  Due to his extreme facial deformities and health issues, he had been homeschooled up until that point in his life.  It is an inspirational story about not only overcoming challenges, but how students can learn acceptance of differences as well as forming authentic friendships.  Over the course of my adolescent literature class, one of my hopes was to find books that I can use in my classroom.  This is definitely one that I will invest in as it can teach students a great deal about compassion and diversity in the human race.

 I also read “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.”  My teenage daughter said that she loved this book and picked it for me as my next reading choice on Sunday.  Although I did enjoy the overall storyline of the book, it is definitely not one that I would keep in my classroom due to some more mature content in parts.  I know for certain that I would have parents upset with me if I were to use it in a group reading setting.  It is available in our school library in the high school section though, so if they were interested in checking it out on their own, I do see that it is a book that could also teach students about diversity, acceptance, overcoming challenges, and friendship.


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday!!!!! Here’s what I’m reading…

  1. Hi Stacy! The Mighty Miss Malone is one Christopher Paul Curtis book I haven’t read yet (though I recently bought a copy and was thinking I might read it aloud to my son this summer.) I LOVE his Newbery winner, Bud Not Buddy. I think The Watsons Go to Birmingham is an important book, though not quite as much of a favorite for me. R.J. Palaccio recently e-published “Julian,” a short story told from the viewpoint of Julian. You can find it on Amazon for $1.99. Some other books that might work for your classroom: Lynda Mulally Hunt’s “One for the Murphys”; Linda Urban’s “A Crooked Kind of Perfect”; Laurel Snyder’s “Bigger Than a Breadbox”; Joan Bauer’s “Almost Home.”

  2. “The Mighty Miss Malone” was a good look at the Great Depression from a little girl’s perspective. I have recommended it to quite a few students at the school where I am completing my internship. I always make sure to read books before recommending them though as there are some that I wouldn’t be comfortable completing read-alouds. The book “Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” is a perfect example. I just started “Bud Not Buddy” today and I am enjoying it as well. I found it interesting that they referenced the town of Flint, Michigan just like they did in “The Mighty Miss Malone.” They are both books set in the same era, and I get the same feel from them both.

  3. So funny… earlier today I had posted about it being interesting that both of the last books I have been reading discussed Flint, Michigan. While laying in bed reading “Bud Not Buddy,” the story mentioned Deza Malone. Ha!!!! She was the main character from “The Mighty Miss Malone.” I hadn’t even thought about the fact that they are written by the same author until then. No wonder I like them both. 🙂

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