Learning Goals

Over the duration of this Adolescent Literature course, I am hoping to learn about how to find the best books to enhance my students’ learning.  There are so many books available in the world that I want to learn to find ones that will increase student vocabulary while getting them excited about reading.  Since going back to college, I have not been able to read books of my choosing very often, and I miss that part of my life.  Once I wrap up all of my classes, I hope to tackle a book per week.  This summer, my adolescent literature class is helping to get me back into the swing of reading again.  So far I love it!  Hopefully I will be able to continue this trend for the foreseeable future.

Reading for 14 hours each week will definitely be challenging for me as I am completing other classes for my library endorsement as well.  However, I am a very determined person, and once I set my mind to a task, I believe that it is imperative to follow through.  My plan is to set aside two hours of time each night before bed to just read.  The only problem that I sometimes encounter with this strategy is what I like to refer to as “the point of no return.”  By this I mean that even if my two hour goal has been reached, there is a point in the book (about ¾ of the way in) that I struggle to put it down.  So…. It is possible that some nights may keep me up later than I anticipate.  J

Blogging is a brand new experience for me.  Due to this, just learning to navigate through the program will initially be challenging for me.  However, so far I think that things are going well.  I hope that trend continues.

Until next time….


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