My name is Stacy, and reading has been one of my passions for my entire life.  Growing up I have many memories of reading.  I loved lying in bed at night and reading with my mother.  Once early in my reading life, I remember being so excited for my father to come home from work as I was finally able to read an entire Clifford book to him by myself (with some really hard words)!  Reading was something that almost everyone in my home did in their free time all the way through high school and beyond.  I even got into trouble for not being a good hostess to my very tomboyish cousin once.  All I wanted to do was read a book, and she wanted to climb trees and catch critters.  She actually put a frog down my shirt when all I had wanted to do was curl up with a good story.

 When I was really little, my absolute favorite book was, “The Saggy Baggy Elephant.”  I still have the book – ragged pages and all. Judy Blume and Little House on the Prairie consumed many other hours of reading.  I recall “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” as being one of my favorites.  Fudge was a riot in my young mind.

 After I had my own children, I was thrilled to see that all three of them enjoyed reading as much as my husband and I do.  One of my daughters would almost run into other patrons as she read while walking through the grocery store.  While I was pregnant with our third child, I experienced what is still one of my favorite reading memories.  In our queen sized bed, my husband, my son, my daughter, and my very pregnant self were laying side by side each reading our own selection before turning off the light for the night.

From the time I became a mother, my children were my priority in life.  With two children now out on their own with one heading into high school, I decided to make a huge life change in May 2011 and go after my lifelong dream.  I was tired of my job as a paraprofessional at our local high school, and I really wanted to go back to college to finish up my Elementary Education Degree.  Although scared, through encouragement from my brother-in-law, I signed up for two classes to “get my feet wet” and see if I was really cut out for this school thing.  On July 7, 2011, I received a phone call that completely changed my world.  The brother-in-law that had encouraged me to follow my dreams died from head trauma sustained in a wakeboarding accident.  I knew in that instant that life was too short not to go after this dream.  Instead of taking classes on a part-time basis, I quit my job of 8 years and registered for school full-time.  I have enjoyed every minute and never looked back.  On May 10, 2014, I received my Bachelors of Science in Education with a minor as a Library Media Specialist.  For certification purposes, I am completing five more classes to receive my library endorsement.

I am currently applying for elementary teaching positions in the community where we live.  Since my daughter won’t graduate until May 2016, we have promised her that we won’t seek jobs out of the area at this time.  Although I applied for an elementary library position, the district decided to give the job internally to a teacher that wanted a change.  Since we live in a rural community, there won’t be any other library positions for next year.

If I am fortunate enough to someday have a position in a school library, I hope to bring an enthusiasm for reading to my students.  Many students that I have encountered claim that they “hate reading.”  This statement truly makes me sad.  I want to show students that there is something out there for everyone.  Education is and should be a lifelong journey, and reading is a huge part of that.  Whether students choose to attend college or join the workforce upon graduation, they can always continue to educate themselves through reading.  What a true gift this is in our country.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Looks like you’re figuring out blogging just fine! So sorry to read about your family’s loss, but I am impressed by the way you were inspired to pursue your dreams. Congrats on graduating with your degree and being so close to receiving your endorsement! I was a huge Judy Blume fan too–also reread the Little House books obsessing. I grew up on the East Coast and still remember driving into South Dakota for the first time and seeing the sign for DeSmet, “Little Town on the Prairie.” I just about lost my mind with excitement! Did you read Beverly Cleary when you were younger? She’s another favorite of mine from childhood. I’m not surprised that your children enjoy reading with such examples for parents. My parents read all the time too–my mother especially, but my father also always had a book going. My mother read voraciously, though–and still does. I blog a lot about reading with my older son, who is a struggling reader. (My kids are adopted, and they have only been in this country for 3 years). My younger son, however, has already been bitten by the reading bug. His favorite place to go is the library! He is obsessed with the Bailey School books right now and we’re reading the Clementine series by Sara Pennypacker. Have you read it? I love Clementine so much!

    • After posting the other day, I had the thought go through my head that I should have mentioned Beverly Cleary as well. I definitely read all of her books! Over… and over again. Ramona and Henry were amazing characters that I just couldn’t get enough of. I think my parents purchased every one of her books for me, and I still have them. All of our children enjoyed them as well. Needless to say, they are a little worse for wear. When our children were skilled enough to start reading chapter books, the first book that I “popcorn read” with each of them was “Socks.” It was our individual special time each night before bed. Since our kiddos are older, I feel as though I am somewhat out of the loop with current trends with children’s and adolescent literature. When they were little, I tried to read every book that they were interested in before they did. However, due to their voracious reading habits, it was impossible to keep up. My high school daughter reads a few books a week now, and I just don’t have the time to approve everything. She is an awesome kiddo though, and I trust her judgment. It has been fun discussing books with her though. When I told her that I would be reading “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” she told me that I would love it! I am finishing up “Wonder” this morning and can barely put it down. It has just rocketed to the top of my favorites list! I could definitely see using it in my classroom. The first person story telling for each character gives it such a personal quality. Love! Love! Love!

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